Kim-Christian's Vampire Chronicles

Downtime notes

27 November - 27 december

Deveroux learns that Cormack and Bardock has lost control of Lodin. Rumors of Lodin’s “Death Squad” spreads to everyone bothering to socialize even a little with the vampire society.

Those visiting Elysium frequently learns of Brujah’s intentions to take the throne in Chicago when Lodin is inevitably dealt with. Critias is backing Erik in this endevour.
A beef between “new-age”-, headed by Tyler and conservative Brujah, led by Critias, breaks out.

Inyanga is passive towards the Ventrue conflict and the issues surrounding Lodin’s throne. Tyrus and The Wolf Pack gets unintentionally offended when Erik adresses a certain type of clan-bretheren. Tyrus is forced to respond with supporting the “new-age” crowd.

Annabelle is publically backing Critias.

The prince is in “limbo”. There are no longer any elders publically backing him anymore. Every neonate and ancilla dare not speak out; not even the harpies spins any controversial narratives. People are split between honoring the Camarilla tradition of loyalty to the prince and fear of their own continued existence.
Now EVERYONE knows that Lodin took power exactly this way around a hundred years ago.



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