Kim-Christian's Vampire Chronicles

From Ashes to fire

Location: A back alley nearby Daniel’s apartment
Time: Shortly after encounter with Sabbat at Oblivion

The hunger gnaws at my very core…I need blood, and soon. The Beast will not be kept at bay for long.

There is shouting and yelling as a couple is fighting outside a tavern, and as the man goes inside the girl is storming off. She is quite young…reminds me of my sister, and yet I stalk and grab her, the first chance I get. The small voice of guilt fades as I sink me teeth into her bared neck and the blood starts trickling, sweet, warm and satisfying.

I wrest my self free, and the Beast is sated for now, althoug still the Hunger burns. She is still alive – confused but alive and earlier anger forgotten.
I leave as she stumbles homeward, her feet slightly unsure and I wonder if I would have fed on her if she truly had been my sister. I hope not.
“Sure you would have”, Lara’s voice echoes in my head “…’cause you are a monster”, she laughs.
Maybe I am.

The pain from my wounds takes hold once again, as the euforia of feeding fades, and the memories of our earlier encounter with the Sabbat comes forth.
The woman in the pitch black? Is she truly a demon? If yes, am I an angel for standing against her? No, I cannot be both angel and monster,…I don’t know.
Consciously, I know that she isn’t truly demonic. Lasombra more likely, but it any wonder many believe it to be semantics.

I do know that I was afraid, very afraid. She hurt me. I had almost forgotten what that’s like. I haven’t been hurt physically since…Phoenix. Not since my Creation at the hands of my Sire have I felt such pain, or fear.

I grab my neck. It is still a gaping wound, unable to mend it. I will need more blood to heal it during the day, so I continue my hunt.

A few hours later….
I haven’t found any prey. The streets seem filled or deserted, never at that crucial capacity. In a desperate attempt I try and rouse a homeless woman, but she is so despaired that she is of no use to me and I’m caught off guard as other homeless persons rush me and I trip and fall amongst the garbage containers.
When I dig myself out all are gone except one.
I crawl out, disheartened, full of doubt, self-pity and look up, into a pair of blazing emerald eyes, and a fiery mane of wild hair…Phoenix.

My salvation, one way or the other, and relief takes hold as I let her lead me into the night.



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