Kim-Christian's Vampire Chronicles

Punching the troubles away


[[:samantha-sam-brooks |

Samantha “Sam” Brooks]]

Sam punched the concrete again, and sent little pieces flying through the air. In her mind the rage slowly rose to the surface. The event of the night stod painfully clear. The meeting at Critirius had not gone well. Not that Sam had expectet anything else. She knew she had offende the Brujah Elder, and she knew it was at stupid mistake the minute her hand had touch the glass with his blood. But Same just could not help it. Something about these old vampires that demanded her respekt, just because they were old, just pissed her off. Respekt was something you earned, not someting you just got handed to you with out effort. But she had stepped over the line. she knew that, and she did not like thinking about what would had happend if Quin had not been there.
“It is not personal” Quin had said. “He is punishing me through you.” Sam punched the concrete again. It is not personal. Well all this talk about it not being personal, was beginning to get a bit personal. But it was not Critirius that pissed her off the most. She kind of understood his motives. He could not just let some neonate punk back talk him like that. It was just the way the Kindred society worked. Same did not liked it, and she did not accept it, but she could understand it. No what pissed Sam off the most was Erik. The way he had spoken to her to night, told her she had atced up. How dared he! She offered him protection on her domain when he had asked her for it. She had even kind off forgiven him for breaking her arm at the Princes party. But for him to turn on them like that, to first help with the rescue of Al Capone, and then after all their trouble and hardship, to just chop off his head and waste all their effort. Christian had almost been killed! No she could not forgive Erik. He had done the one thing Sam could never forgive. He had betrayed her. She did not buy his excuse, that he had no choice, that he had been ordered by Critirius. You allways had a choice. Sam punched the concrete undtil she had punched through to the ground. You allways had a choice.



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