Angel "Quinn" Quinntero

Elder Brujah - Prince of Gary


Clan: Brujah

Hispanic man. Tall, muscular and rugged and salt and pepper stubble. Looks to be in his mid fifties. Favours white and black wife-beaters which in contrast to all conditions of battered jeans seems clean and new.

Patient for a Brujah. A relief to some; since he’s considdered the most powerful kindred with permanent resident in Gary. At least where brute force is concerned. Like so many of his kind he shows blatant contept for the higher echelons of vampire authority. Quinn has brilliant street-smarts he knows the “game” and has been around it since it’s invention. This still makes him far from a schemer. He’s never been known to take real advantage of his influence in kindred society.
He is an expert in carving out and holding territory. Something he clearly likes doing. Other Brujahs contributes this to his seemingly abscent attraction to violence.

Leader of the street gang Blood Moon Zeven (BMZ). The only gang in Chicago with people of mixed races. It’s cultural mishmash. But somehow it’s become one of the most entrenched “organizations” in Gary.

Quinn is NOT the sheriff of Gary. His distain for the old school hierarchy; displayed by so called Camarillian authority, it prevents Quinn from accepting the position. He clearly hates politics. Especially when he has to deal with people he doesn’t respect. There are unwritten rules for the vampire intrique. Rules that doesn’t apply in the street “game”. However, for all intents and purposes; Quinn acts the sheriff when it’s sorely needed. Quinn and Tyrus has an arrangement of sorts. To be keepers of some version of common law in their “territory”. The Wolf Pack and Blood Moon Zeven has an alliance of sorts.

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Angel "Quinn" Quinntero

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