Claire Haywood

Freelance journalist - in Camarilla spotlight


Name: Claire Haywood
Social security number: …
Adresse: … West Town
Phone: …
Email: …
Education: None (selftaught) – Claire first got recognized for her fiction writing.

Character facts:

  • Age: 45
  • Height: 151cm.
  • Weight: 59 kgs.


  • Bisexual
  • Recovering alcoholic
  • Doesn’t vote

Family, friends and relatives:

  • Two estranged stepchildren, boy and a girl, from her second marriage which only lasted two years.
  • A female lover who lives a handful of blocks from her adress.
  • Her first husband was murdered in 1990 near Elmhurst, Chicago where they had a house at the time.
  • Practical information on above mentioned associations: -

Claire is a short white woman, perpetually tanned by some genes of a distant black relative. She is slightly overweight but it suits her ample curves. Claire has an pretty and friendly face, round and obviously used to smiling. She uses only the minimal amount of makeup. Usually seen in wearing expensive quality business suit and skirt. Her atire always a little too vibrant, daring in skirt length and v-cut for proper decency.

Claire Haywood

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