Clint "White Reaper" Hamilton

Steel-wire, stubble & testosterone


Demeanor: Bravo

Clint is a very attractive in a “bad boy” sort of way. 180 cm. tall. Short black hair. Perpetually stubbled. Favours worn leather and denim clothes. Clint rarely doesn’t smell of ciggarette smoke and whiskey.

Clint is very flirtatous with women and competitive with men. His initial facade objectifies other people.


Clint frequents The Night Pit parking lot where is one of the best fighters. His military training, the street fighting and his current career has perfected his natural genius in hand to hand combat.

Today Clint rejects the military he was once a part of. He rejects authority in general. The only thing he misses from those days are the bonds of friendship and brotherhood between soldiers. He’s grown to hate the government and it’s bureaucracy that sorrounded and eventually permiated the institution he once would have sacrificed his life for.

Clint got burned by the system – hard. This resulted in a period of true nihilism in him. A recent passion for philosophy straighted him out a little. He’s still a chain smoking, womanizing, drunken adrenalin-junkie. Albeit a highly functional one at that.

Clint has an alternate persona which is famous on the streets. He is the “White Reaper”. He makes his livelihood of of robbing criminals. Especially those he’s judging to be in severe opposition to his new ethical and moral values. The White Reaper has a bounty on his head for 50.000$. The White Reaper does not shy away from killing people.

Clint "White Reaper" Hamilton

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