Daniel Callaghan

Strange enigmatic street samurai with a burdened soul and fractured mind


Sire: Phoenix

Daniel is a caucasian of average height (183 cm), and built like a semi proffesionel athelete.

Despite his young age (22), he has a much older look, in particular his eyes which are hidden beneath his hood most of the time as he avoids to much attention.

He wears practical clothes, such as jeans, boots, leather jacket and a hoodie, all of wich is weathered due to extensive use.

Usually the cowl of the hoodie is pulled down to obscure his face from obvious recognition.

Arms, body and legs are adorned with strange, enigmatic tattoos, probably of an mystical origin.
Several Scandinavian talismans, such as silver hammers, wolf teeth necklaces and runic stones hangs from around his neck and wrists, giving the clear impression of a relation to the new age communities.


Daniel appeared i Gary during the recent Sabbat assaults and was given permission to stay in return for a promise to assist when needed against the enemies of the Camarilla.

He was brought to Gary by the nomadic Gangrel, Beckett, who might have some knowledge about Daniels origins and the strange tattoos.

Daniel grew up in a political family and have travelled the world due to his fathers work. He therefore has some linguistic prowess and has picked several regional characteristics..

It was during such a stay in Fance that he joined a New Age group with roots in the Scandinavian Viking culture, and practised Hedge Magick based on the arcane nature of Runes.
This Talent to manipulate the loop-holes of reality has somehow stayed possibie, even after the embrace.

He has no higher education, as he has cut of his ties to his mortal family, a breach that has widened after his Embrace.

He rarely talks about his Embrace, other than it was a traumatic experience and has haunted him ever since, resulting in nightmarish visions of other times (and worlds?)

While growing up in Japan he was instructed in the arts of Kendo, and has kept at it as a means of focus for his very clear father issues.

Daniel is mostly viewed as a strange and enigmatic quite man, who is sporadically ravaged by deranged perceptions of reality, and therefore something of a wild card in regards to planning.

He is always helpful, though, and has code of honor that will be very hard to uphold in a World of Darkness

Daniel Callaghan

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