Elysium owner at The Black Rose


Donna is walking beauty and grace on two legs.
180 cm. without heels and appearent age looks to be in the early forties. Her waves of dark red hair and slender body epitomize feminity and class. When men are caught by her emerald green eyes, the curves of her tall beauty and the lines and shapes of her matronly, angelic face; it appeals not to their groins but to their hearts.

Demeanor: Caregiver? autocrat?
Officially Donna takes great care of the people and vampires around her. The facts do not dispute this. It’s obvious that this is the reputation she strives for. It is in the nature of things to suspect anyone for their sincerity in such things. One thing is obvious. She does not like her soroundings in misery or fear. Especially not on her domain. Those are just the least preferable working conditions for life and unlife alike.


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