Elvin Bradley

Local politician - in Camarilla spotlight


Name: Elvin Bradley
Social security number: …
Adresse: … Plainfield, Western Suburbs (45 minute hour drive from Gary)
Phone: …
Email: …
Education: Masters degree in mathematics.

Character facts:

  • Age: 37
  • Height: 189cm.
  • Weight: 92 kgs.


  • Oldest son has a sealed juvienile record.
  • Football pro for a year.
  • Republican.
  • “Prepper”. The Bradley residence is a fairly impressive fortress.

Family, friends and relatives:

  • Has three children. All boys. 10, 11 and 19.
  • Has taken great care in befriending his immidiate neighbourhood.

Elvins politics reflect his education. He cares little for key emotional issues. His concern focus is with economic reality and how that relates to everything else.

Looks like the all American hero. Tall, blond, white, square-jawed and built like a natural athlete.

Elvin Bradley

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