Friedrich "Antioch" Vogler

Epitomy anatomical beauty. A bone dancer.


Demanor: Visionary
Molded unnatural beauty. Alien bi- pseudo heptaped is the closest description. Vogler can only losely be descriped as humanoid when he’s seen in the flesh – in the bone. He will use all his seven limbs to propel himself around. He shares all the anatomy with a human but so much more. To the sight Vogler resembles a white man in a youthful prime. His hair of unnatural chrome silver and his eyes blue and shining like an aquamarine gemstone.

Vogler can manipulate the bones of his body. Having his his spine protrude along with the tailbone into a two meter long vertebra-linked tail ending in a razor-sharp spike. His shoulderblades penetrates the skin to reveal twin three-jointed pincers.

Some times the presence of Antioch can be seen as two glowing emrald orbs in Vogler’s forhead like an extra set of eyes.



The outsider Antioch was trapped under the church Saint Mary of The Angels with the vampire Friedrich Vogler until recently.

Vogler seems to be more “occupied” than possessed by the outsider Antioch.

Legend says that Antioch possessed several heroes and warlords throughout history.

Friedrich "Antioch" Vogler

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