Nosferatu child


-Clan: Nosferatu
-Haven: Big worn-down villa on the gold coast of Chicago.

Tammys appearent age is of a child around thirteen years old. Like all nosferatu her appearence is twisted to complete hideousness. Her skin is not only pale but a sickly grey, liverspottet and wrinkled. Her lips dried up, has receeded above her gums to reveal yellow fangs and cracked chipped teeth. Tammys eyes are huge yellow-green lidless and bulging spheres. She wears old faded earrings shaped like a sunflowers and wears a knee-length summerdress; it was pink very long ago but now it’s grimy and dirty.

In public Tammy uses her mask of a thousand faces discipline to appear as she would before her embrace. That of a skinny teenage girl with long yellow hair, light blue eyes and healthy milky-white freckled skin.

Demeanor: Child
Tammy could fool most people. Most of the time she acts like the child one would imagine her being long ago. It can be a little heart breaking even for some kindred to spend time with her; experiencing the appearent naivete or lag of concern for the life so obviously lost.
Tammy is perfectly pleasent to be around. She has good manners, likes to ask questions and unlike her brother Peter she likes meeting new people.

Both Tammy and Peter has some talents in manipulating ghosts and spirits.


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