Kim-Christian's Vampire Chronicles


“The fog creeps among the buildings in slow moving snakes as the pale moonlight fights to pierce it and illuminate the ground. There are no people to be seen as far as I’m able to perceive, but I hear someone screaming in terror nearby.

I rush towards the sounds of screams and catch a glimpse of a young woman running away. She’s mortal and afraid. I can smell the fear and hear the blood pumping, as her heart frantically beats to supply enough blood. What is she running from?
I hear a great and otherworldly snarl, very nearby and I sprint after her.

She’s fast, seemingly just out of reach at every turn, and the beast is just as fast, keeping pace as we run through the deserted streets…no not deserted, just seemingly empty.
Out of the peripheral vision I sense someone else, watching me.
I recognize Mercêdes, she seems intrigued and inquisitive, with an almost frantic eagerness in her eyes. My Sire is also watching. Her emerald eyes haunts me as she seems pleased, either with me, or with herself?
There is another person present. A man, whom I don’t recognize, yet he somehow seems familiar. He stands tall and broad, statuesque. He is wearing a robe, plain and without any symbols, but it is his eyes that draws me in. They are full og compassion and sadness, and as I reach the fleeing woman he looks away, dissappointed.

I turn her around an recognize her. It’s Lara, although mortal, and as she looks at me she screams…"

I awaken…

Blast from the past.

The noise from the bike roars in her ear. Sam cranks up the gas and the bike lunches foreward. The wind i hard and cold on her face. The girl sits in front of her. Her tiny bodhy is trembling violantly. Maby it´s the cold, maby it´s the chock. Probably af bit of both. Imageges emerges in her heard. Dark ones, from a time long ago. Sam shakes her heard to try to make them go away, but it dosent help.

She is at a party in a abandon building by the highway. Theres alot of peaple she knows, and some she dosent know. The rome is dark and smells of rot and deaccay. Hands are grapping her, holding her down, undressing her aginst her will. She tries to fight, to break free, but she is too drunk and too high to do anything. Her body is numb and heavy, but somehow her mind is quite clear…
The next day. Feelings of shame and guilt fills her head. She cant find all of here clothes, and leaves only half dressed. Other thouths comes ind to mind. Was it somebody she knows? Or strangers? She tries to recall last night but it’s a blur. Only the feeling of fear and disgust is very clear.

Sam stops the bike in front of a house. The entrence is dark and secluded. Hopefully this will hide the fact that her hands is smoothered in blood. She have never been here before, but she have heard postitutes talk about this place. This is where they go, when their pimps beat them too much. It’s a place that helps women who live on the streets. It’s at new establishment, driven by charity. Sam wonders, if it would have done a difference if it have been there when she needed it. All those years ago.
She rings the door bell. She can hear someone come to the door and stopping to check to cameraes, to see who’s outside. A woman opens the door. “Can I help you?” She askes. “She’s been raped. She needs help.” Sam pushes the girl foreward. Her face tells the whole story. The woman puts her arms around here, and she breaks down in uncontrolable tears. Sam turns around and walks away. Good. they didnt asks any questions. They know how the streets works. Sam gets back on her bike. She dosent notice where she is going. The memories is all she sees.

_She is affraid. Constantly. She feels weak, disgusting, pathetic. She dosent sleep, she dosent eat. She feels herself wasting away into nothing. She is noting…
She walks the streets alone. Day and nigh. One night she comes to an empty parking lot. Some kids are fighting. She’s heard about them. They do it for fun. For the rush. Because society says you’re not suppose to figth. You’re not suppose to like it. Someting drives here closer. The kids notice her. Asks if she want in. She nods and walks toward them. “What am I doing?” She aks herself. “I dont fight. I dont like violence.” But she joins them and the fight begins again. Sam’s not use to figthing, and the others dosent show much mercy. But for every punch that hits her body, she feels the pain numb here fear. For every punch she gets in, she fells weakness leave her body. She feels nohting but the physical pain and the rush of adrenalin. But for for the first time in many weeks. She feels happy again.

Sam stops her bike and loke around. She’s in the nice part of town, right in front of the appartment buildning where Wade lives. “Well how about that.” She says to herself, and drive in to the parking basement.


I awaken…it’s dark outside. I can feel it, but…it’s later than it used to be. Will there come a time when I don’t waken at all? If so, I pray it’ll be a dreamless sleep, or perhaps an eternal sleep reliving my dreams will be my purgatory?

The room is cold, windowless and dark, but for a single lightbulb in the middle of the room. It’s electrical buzzing sounds like thunder to my heightened senses. As I concentrate in front of a somewhat functional sink and mirror I close my eyes for but a moment and it all comes rushing back, flooding my sense of reality as I’m once again trapped in the turmoiling events of a nightmarish hell.

“The smells of sulphur, burnt flesh and human waste are crippling to the senses and combined with flames and smoke it is nigh impossible to orientate.
We advance cautiously to the hellish symphony of screams, chains, etheral whispering and clash of steel. Not all of us have made it this far, I’m vaguely aware of those unfortunates who’s minds broke upon entering these caves. As we pass one of the many pits I look into it, and immediately wish I hadn’t. It’s writhing, alive, with malformed humans, all naked and in various state of rot and decay. Still stunned by the madness encountered we are attacked…they are not humnas, might have been once but no longer. They come at us in waves and seem endless, as we fall one by one. When finally they stop I look around, and confirm that we are but a handful left, none of us in condition to fight much longer. It is a miracle we have lasted this long.
I feel the air being sucked away and turn just in time to see the flames coming at us, and raise my arms in front of my face and body in futile attempt and find myself screaming….”

The banging on the door brings me back to reality. My face is covered in streams of blood, and I vividly shake as I tell whoever is at the door that nothing is wrong. As I look back into the mirror I can still feel the skin blackening and cracking as memory of being burned alive clings to my mind.

How do I make it stop?

Downward spiral
Reflection on detoriation

Place: Back alley of a shady bar
Time: a little while after nearly draining victims to the point of death while feeding, as the paramedics blinking lights fade away.

Lara: Why didn’t you kill them?
Daniel: Because it’s wrong.
Lara: You really believe that?
Daniel: I want to believe it.
Lara:…but you have killed before!
Daniel: Only with a just cause, and for survival.
Lara: You know that’s not true, and besides you would probably have done the world a favour by taking their lives. They are lowlives, weakening the herd. Sometimes a little killing does a lot of good.
Daniel: Killing is only a last solution, albeit a solution none the less, given the right circumstances.
Lara: Why didn’t you kill them?

I have no answer and a chill runs through me as I fear she may be right. I hear her soft and subtle chuckling as I turn and walk away as she fades back into my subconscious

Daniel's Creation
Flashback - as seen by Jessica

Place: an abandoned factory
Time: not so long ago


It’s cold. I’m shivering as I feel the ropes dig deeper into my wrists firmly securing me to the chair in the middle of an empty storage room.

It’s cold and damp, yet I’m sweating, due to the pain she’s inflicted upon me for …..I don’t know how long….It’s all a blur.


I’m made to focus on her face once more, as she’s putting down the needles used for tattooing my body, my legs and arms. Her hair is like faded flame, surrounding her angelic face, broken by few delicate scars, her piercing emerald eyes and blood red lips. She smiles, anticipatory, predatory and her fangs are clearly visible. How could I not have noticed when first we met? It seems unreal.

“Done”, she says, “at least with the tattooing. Your powers should hold through the transcendence, but that comes later. First a little reward…” She straddles me with a caressing touch as she bites down hard upon my neck. The pain is gone, replaced by pure ecstacy.


How long has it been? I don’t know. The torture seems endless, eternal. She lifts my chin up, all strength gone from my limbs, so I can gaze into her eyes. She seems reserved, solemn.
She speaks, “Keep your head up. Good!” She’s pleased. An inkling of hope dares intrude my thoughts. “You are ready for your transcendence”, she pauses, “An initiaion into our divine ranks”. It comes back to me in flashes. Battlefield, wars, nightmarish creatures, fire and blood. Always blood.

“It is time to join the Grigori”, she states as she begins to change, and for the first time I truly know fear…..


Alter ego

Time: not long ago
Place: somewhere in Gary

The sounds of the city at night echoes faint through the alley.
I’m scribling something on a wall with my hands…they are covered in blood? Who’s blood? It’s not mine.

I have no control of my body. It’s like i’m not really here.
I…the other me speaks in a unrecognizable tongue. Some of it is almost familiar, but I can’t quite put it together.

She’s here…Mercédes, asking the other me something. I don’t hear her question, but I answer, not understanding what I say.

I take a few steps back and look at my scriblings alongside Mercédes. She seems satisfied.
The writing looks bizarre, yet oddly familiar. Should I understand this? Why can’t I make sense of it?

Am I missing something?

…or am I simply mad beyond salvation?

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