Kim-Christian's Vampire Chronicles



“The fog creeps among the buildings in slow moving snakes as the pale moonlight fights to pierce it and illuminate the ground. There are no people to be seen as far as I’m able to perceive, but I hear someone screaming in terror nearby.

I rush towards the sounds of screams and catch a glimpse of a young woman running away. She’s mortal and afraid. I can smell the fear and hear the blood pumping, as her heart frantically beats to supply enough blood. What is she running from?
I hear a great and otherworldly snarl, very nearby and I sprint after her.

She’s fast, seemingly just out of reach at every turn, and the beast is just as fast, keeping pace as we run through the deserted streets…no not deserted, just seemingly empty.
Out of the peripheral vision I sense someone else, watching me.
I recognize Mercêdes, she seems intrigued and inquisitive, with an almost frantic eagerness in her eyes. My Sire is also watching. Her emerald eyes haunts me as she seems pleased, either with me, or with herself?
There is another person present. A man, whom I don’t recognize, yet he somehow seems familiar. He stands tall and broad, statuesque. He is wearing a robe, plain and without any symbols, but it is his eyes that draws me in. They are full og compassion and sadness, and as I reach the fleeing woman he looks away, dissappointed.

I turn her around an recognize her. It’s Lara, although mortal, and as she looks at me she screams…"

I awaken…



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