Edmund Lance

"The white snob."


Edmund Lance is also known as Brendon Harris who’s the man behind Lapis Edge. A very successful fashion company. They deal primarily with jewelry, precious stones, high end dresses and suits. Lapis Edge is classical and quality above all else. The brand has established itself as an overt opposition to the modern age sense of “fashion”. Brendon Harris has taken plenty of occasion to call the so called modern artists and designers for being perverse, vulgar cultural degenerates.

Edmund Lance is a well known and well liked despite being an infamous gossip. He’s is pleasently mannered and a gentle snob where as his alter ego embraces the latter at a much more viscious level.

Lance is a collector, artisan craftsman and artist himself. He’s filthy rich and his collection is quite legendary.

Edward Lance is childer of Sophia Ayes

Edmund Lance

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